Zak Abel

Every now and then an artist comes along who has just that little bit of extra specialness. Blending both soulful electronica and stripped back piano, Zak Abel serves up some of the most relatable & impressive music in the industry today.

The 20 year old songwriter was inspired by the likes of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. However it was the latter's single 'The Way You Make Me Feel' that sparked Zak's musical imagination at the tender age of six. Working tirelessly to perfect his piano skills (and giving up a career as a professional table tennis player!), Zak began to post his own cover videos on YouTube at 16.

Abel caught the attention of several managers before signing for Atlantic Records, a label many of his heroes were also signed too. It was working with Eg White on the stunning single Deserve To Be Loved that started to solidify Zak's musical intentions. 2016 is the year of Zak Abel & you need to listen to his music now!