Mr Williams

Location: London / Los Angeles

26-year-old Mr Williams is making a name for himself on both sides of the Atlantic. He was born in London and raised in LA, and he's used that to his advantage, performing on stages across multiple continents!

His diverse taste in music – everything from dancehall to R&B and hip hop to house – stems from his background; his mum is Jamaican and his dad is Nigerian. But even on the school bus he knew his tastes were more eclectic than everyone else - "one time I put classical music on and everybody else was listening to hip hop and R&B, so I kind of felt out of place, I always knew I was different."

While we're loving Mr Williams' sound, he prefers to call himself an 'artist' rather than a 'singer'. "Someone said to my mum, 'Do you know your son sings?' and she was like, 'He's not a singer,' and I felt so offended, but it is kind of true, I just like melody and using my own voice as an instrument."

He's definitely not lacking in confidence, when we asked him who his top 3 artists were, Thug came out on top, Jodeci was second and in third place… himself! "You have to believe in yourself, I'm my number one fan. I wish I could be like him."

Discover how Mr Williams uses his eclectic music taste to his advantage, and get inspired by his super confidence.